December 2012         

It was great to see so many of you at our annual Institute Continuing Education program and dinner.  Catching up with everyone’s activities, election results, career changes and plans for the future was a big part of the day’s activities.  I know I missed the opportunity to speak personally with many of you and I apologize.

As usual, I was impressed with the thoughtful questions posed to each of our speakers as well as the interaction between class members and all Institute members.  Dinner was a fun and noisy evening with everyone joining in the discussions.

As we approach another year, I am so grateful that the interest in becoming a member of the Leadership Institute continues to grow and relationships and bonding remain strong.

As I wish each of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, I want you to know how proud I am of you.  The comments I receive from leaders across the state about your many contributions to your communities and to the state are amazing!  Together we have created a tradition of qualified, energized and impressive women helping each other to achieve our goals.

Jo Ann


Dear Institute members:
As we come to the end of another year, we have much to reflect on. New friendships have been made, Institute members have won elections--and some have lost them--and our  nation has elected a president.  He wasn't our candidate, but he is our president.
We are blessed to live in a country where, while the debate may be loud, unseemly, and often based on untruths, we transfer power peacefully (if a bit noisily!).  Those who study history know that the early  campaigns in this country were often much more contentious and often  based on untruths. We also know that the vast majority of people on this planet have not and do not enjoy the right of self governance, peaceful transfers of power, and predictable, stable government. We have survived.....and we have thrived... despite the sharp elbows and knees of representative democracy.
As we look to a new year, I do hope we take time to thank our predecessors--those leaders who have led this country through good and bad times. I do hope we pause a moment to appreciate the blessings and abundance of this great country. And,  I do hope that the lessons you have learned at the Institute have reinforced your desire and the recognition of your responsibility as a citizen in this marvelously diverse land.
Thanks to all of you for your generosity and your involvement with the Institute.  Merry Christmas to you all.


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Eva Yarger (Class of 2012)
Congratulations to Eva Yarger of Van Wert. Eva was recently appointed to The Ohio State University Lima Campus Board of Trustees. Eva received her undergrad from The Ohio State University before heading out to Arizona State for her law degree. Eva practices various areas of the law with Young, Taylor & Yarger, and is president of the Van Wert Chamber of Commerce.

Sereana Dresbach (Class of 2005)
Sereana Dresbach
has accepted a new job as Deputy Director of the Ohio Department of Agriculture.  She begins the position on October 22, 2012.

Linda Burke (Class of 2012)
Linda Burke was selected to be the Elector for the Electoral College for the 1st Congressional District.  Linda is also working as Co-Chair and Women's Chair for Romney for President in Warren County, OFRW Southwest District Vice President, and President of the Warren County Republican Women.

Lydia Mihalik (Class of 2010)

Findlay Mayor Lydia Mihalik received the 2012 Distinguished Alumni Award from The University of Findlay as part of the University’s homecoming festivities.

Barb Queer (Class of 2006)
Barb Queer was elected to fill the position of vice-chairwoman of the Ashland County Republican Party.

Diane Carnes (Class of 2004)
The Governor appointed Diane Carnes to the Ohio Real Estate Commission.

Belinda Kenley (Class of 2005)
Belinda Kenley recently completed the one-year Leadership Dayton program, a program of the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce. This program is a premier leadership development program designed to identify, educate and motivate a network of community leaders and increase the individual's capacity to serve the Dayton region. Selected participants learn through seminars, small work groups, panel discussions, direct interaction with community leaders, and a variety of experiential activities. Leadership Dayton is the fourth oldest continuously operating community leadership program in the United States.

Amy Sabath (Class of 2010)
Amy Sabath was selected  to be the Elector for the 14th Congressional District.

Tina Nixon-Meranda (Class of 2006)
We are sad to report that Institute member Tina Nixon-Meranda passed away recently after a lengthy battle with cancer.  In addition to being a wife and mother, Tina served as Brown County Clerk of Courts until last December when she stepped down because of her health.  Tina will be greatly missed. 

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